Wednesday, October 21, 2009

He's Alive!!

You know some days you just have moments that will stick with you forever.

Our afternoon reading time is usually my favorite time of the day. I put Shelton down for his nap in my bed and I sit next to him and read aloud while Abby plays with her dolls in the floor next to our bed. So yesterday we were finishing up the book of Matthew and I started reading about the crucifixion. I started getting emotional and was afraid Abby might do the same (she is very much like me in that she is a contagious crier) when all of a sudden she gets up and puts her little hand on my arm. I’m thinking she is probably going to say something like “don’t cry” or something along those lines instead she says “Its okay. He’s alive.” Oh, how I love children!

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Mama Hen said...

Christi-that is so sweet. How precious that you got to share that with her.

I also read your post on books. I love me some books! And Stepping Heavenward was life-changing for me. It was so good just to read, but to see how she loved her children and then her father-in-law and sister-in-law was eye-opening to me. I live next to my in-laws so it was meaningful to me.
I just gave it to Rebekah to read and when she gets it back to me I will probably re-read it again.