Sunday, November 15, 2009

Missing My Matriarch's

A matriarch is defined in the dictionary as a “strong senior woman, usually a grandmother, who is highly respected by her family and to whom the family turns for advice and help.”

November is a hard time for me, because Mother died November 27th. I am terribly reflective, emotional, and extremely withdrawn during this time. This year, though, I am finding that I am not just missing Mother I am missing the matriarch’s in my family. I think because I am now trying to teach my little girl about how to become a lady, run a household, and take care of others I wish I still had my matriarch’s for wise counsel. With no mother, grandmother, aunt, or sister for advice I feel like I am floundering at times.

Below are the matriarch’s that have gone on to their heavenly reward. They passed away as they are pictured (from left to right). Vicky – my cousin; Aunt Mary Ann – my mother’s sister; Grandmother – my mother’s mother; and my Mom - Janet.