Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Books, Books, Books!

I love books. I love to be surrounded by them. I love the way a new books smells. Bookstores are my friends, or sometimes enemies since we don’t really have one locally that will carry the books we Christian moms are desperately searching for. I love the book hunt – finding great books that you want to read as well as read to your children. I love the book domino effect. This is when you are reading something and that references another book and then you go to that book and it leads you to another jewel of a book. Aahh!! So I thought I would share some of the books I am reading currently. Yes, I said books because I can’t just read one (they are like potato chips or doritios in my case.) I thought it was interesting that half of these books were written around 100 years ago or more. Where have all the good books gone? You just have to search the out-of-print, re-printed after 100 years books. There seems to be resurgence to these books so – go publishers!

The Bible – for the children I like the International Children’s Bible (keep in mind I have young children) and for me I am currently using the NIV but for intense study I like the one that has 4 versions in one (it is easier than having 4 Bible’s in front of me.)
Hints on Child Training – by H. Clay Trumbull. If anyone knows our family this is something I am constantly reading. It was first written in 1890.
Home Education – by Charlotte Mason. This is the first of a six volume set and it will probably take me 6 years to go through the entire set. This book was first written in 1925. This is a book you really have to take in tiny bites. You will want to rush through because you want to be a little Charlotte Mason (or is that just me?) but it is really too much information for a cram session.
Stepping Heavenward – by Elizabeth Prentis. First written in 1869. I love this book so far. I have read (actually in the testimony portion of the book) that this is a life changing book for Christian women. If it is changing me for the Lord, bring it! The testimony went so far as to say “The impact of this book has been so profound that most women reorder this book in multiple copies to give to their friends.” This is a Lamplighter book for those who are looking.
The Charlotte Mason Companion – by Karen Andreola. What a book! Thank you April for sending me her way. I love, love anything that Karen Andreola writes. I also highly recommend Pocketful of Pinecones and the 2nd book in that series Lessons at Blackberry Inn. I don’t even know where to begin to rave about these books so I will just say read them! Read them all!
The Vision – by Debi Pearl. This is a fiction work of hers. The first in a series of what is called The Last Publishers. All I can say so far is it is different than probably anything you have ever read before. At first it made me very uncomfortable but I have settled into it now. I have just cracked the first 100 pages so I will update you once I have finished.
Lastly – The Excellent Wife – by Martha Peace. Okay, ladies this is the book I have been blogging about. I am still not finished with this book because it is one of those books that brings great introspection and my natural inclination is that I don’t want to “work on me” I would rather relax with a good book. I have just finished part 1 and there are 4 parts so I am still not willing to give my take on it yet. I will let you all be the judge. This is probably the only book that I have listed that you can actually check out from the library.

I hope you all enjoyed my commentary. I love to find new books and hopefully I have led you to some today.


April for the Crew said...

I've read Stepping Heavenward!!! It's a GREAT book! I highly recommend it. And thank you for the recommendation of The Excellent Wife. I've been wanting to read it. I might not be the only one in my house who wants me to read it ;-). Good books, all!

Rebekah said...

I have read The Excellent Wife, and it is very good. I have not read Stepping Heavenward but have wanted to for a long time. Mama Hen recommended it a long time ago, but I have never followed through to get ahold of it! Thanks for the reminder and recommendations!

I have a book recommendation: Crazy Love by Frances Chann. Excellent and very challenging.