Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm back . . .

Okay, so obviously I am not so great at this blog thing and keeping up will be a huge stretch for me. It has been quite a while since I commented on this thing but I’m not one for spilling my guts out to strangers, or anyone else for that matter, which is why my stress level probably exceeds most. I am very much a “keep it to myself” kind of gal which can be misinterpreted as being standoffish. Actually, I enjoy being around people and only occasionally like solitude (usually when it is raining and I want to read a good book). The past few months, since my last post, have seen incredible changes in my life some good and some not so good. I am learning to “juggle” the responsibility of raising children and watching over my father at the same time. I guess I am now in that generation that has that multiple task to deal with. It can be incredibly taxing and quite frankly I don’t know how people do it without a relationship with the Lord. How could you ever calm yourself when those panic attacks come in the middle of the night with what all you have to do or “handle”? It is simply such a relief to know that I alone cannot handle it but God can, so the pressure is off.

I have learned that even though the world may question my actions but as long as I am following God’s call everything will turn out okay. I will keep reminding myself of that this week as I continue on the journey I said I would “never” taken. Never, say never.

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