Saturday, August 23, 2008

"There will always be a million nagging tugs on our time and attention, and somewhere in the middle of all the tuggin it is essential we build a fortress wherein only God, His words, and our heart exist together for a time. It rarely happens accidentally." Wow, what a revelation? I am so thankful that God led me to this No Other Gods Bible study.

Day 2 talked about Sarah, it makes you think what promises of God are you waiting to have fulfilled in your life and can you wait with a heart full of faith? Which has led me to an entire study on Faith, which is good because I am pretty sure Kathy and I are teaching on that at the Women's Retreat better be prepared right?

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Mary - Cruise Blogger said...

Christy -- I know you'll be prepared! AndI love your words about the fortress -- that's just beautiful.

Oh, and we need to work on your blog -- for some reason, we got some sidebar stuff showing up in the center .... we can fix that, I'm sure.