Thursday, June 6, 2013

Let me start at the beginning, January 1999 is when we started our lives together as husband and wife. Even though we were both in our late twenties we had no desire to start a family anytime soon. We were happy living our self-centered lives contributing nothing for God’s greater kingdom. Just totally wrapped up in our own desires. Flash forward to 2003, to a hot day in the summer and the arrival of our precious baby girl. Our lives were totally transformed, for the better. We both realized that there was no way we could raise this sweet gift without God. We also realized that I needed to come home from my high stress job as a legal assistant. It took a while for that to happen and A LOT of emotional and stressful events took place during that process. In the meantime, we welcomed a bouncing baby boy in 2006. What a joy these two were together. My daughter just couldn’t get enough of her baby brother. She mothered him and loved on him. What’s more we couldn’t get enough of our sweet children. Then in late 2007 the unthinkable happened and my mother passed away, quite unexpectedly. My life was turned upside down. You see I am an only child and it had always been just the three of us (mom, dad, and me.) I was not prepared for the heart-wrenching grief that this brought on. Thankfully I have an amazing husband who let me grieve in the only way I knew how. After moms death I really just didn’t think I could have another child without my mom here (you will only relate to this if you are extremely close to your mom.) So we waited. Finally my heart was ready again but during that waiting my husband had closed his heart to the idea of more children, period. No discussion. So I prayed. I fasted. I prayed. (You get the idea.) Then God moved the mountain and opened my husband’s heart. I still don’t know why God opened my husband’s heart but then closed my womb but He did. I rest in the fact that God is sovereign. As I watched friend after friend have baby after baby my heart simply grieved. I couldn’t understand it. Why? Then one Sunday morning in 2012 we went to church. I walked in the sanctuary and I didn’t see my dad. He was always faithful to come every Sunday and then we would have Sunday dinner together at our house afterwards. I tried calling, cell phone, home phone, nothing. I called my husband in a panic (he was at work.) Thankfully my husband was able to leave and go to my dad’s house which is quite a distance from where our church was. When my husband arrived at his house he found that my sweet daddy had gone to be with Jesus. I was immobilized. I can honestly tell you if you saw me after that day and in the weeks that followed the only power I had was because of Jesus. I was now an orphan. Why did God let me experience this? Years of pain, grief and loss? God was preparing me to welcome a child, an orphan, into my home. That’s why. So with “joy that only comes in the morning” we announce WE ARE ADOPTING!


Pennie said...

Christy you are a very strong women. God has molded you to be a help to those who have traveled the same road you are on. Blessings come in God's timing. I am so thankful for you and Craig to welcome a child into your home that needs the love you have for your own children. God Bless You.

Lee and Leslie Collier said...

It's amazing the way the Lord moves and works His mighty will among us. We are blessed to have such sweet, God-fearing friends. We can't wait to meet this precious child. God has already chosen him/her and ordained the perfect one for your family. We will gladly help in any way possible!
In Christ,
Lee, Leslie, Landon & LanaKatherine Collier