Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Day

I love the first day of school. I get so excited to start new material and look forward to all the things we are going to experience as a family in the coming year. I start planning for the next year around December/January when typically we moms hit a home-school slump. It gets me revved up to finish out the year knowing all the cool stuff we are going to learn the next year (it works for me anyway.)

So we started the “official” first day of school yesterday. (We do a relaxed schedule during the summer of just reading and math.) Since we continue school through the summer when we start the longer schedule it is really an easy transition because they have been doing school all summer, just not as much.

I was so excited about this year for several reasons; one reason is I just LOVE our curriculum. You know, there is a fit for every family so my fit may not be yours but our family LOVES Heart of Dakota. It is so easy to teach multiple children with this curriculum. Really language arts and the math are the only things you teach individually most everything else can be learned together. We really enjoy it. Another reason is this year we are studying the origin of some of the greatest hymns. I knew my daughter would just love this part (she is my song bird) and I was delighted to see that my son took to it as well. To see him hold up his three little fingers for the trinity while we sang Holy, Holy, Holy touched my heart. So here are pictures from the “first day” of our school. I hope your home is blessed by your home school as much as our family is.

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