Sunday, June 5, 2011

Garden Time Again

It is that time again. We have once again planted a garden and since my amazing hubby can help out this year we have tripled the size of last years’ garden. Wow, am I glad he can help because just looking at it makes me want to run inside and hide under the covers. I know the work involved in keeping a garden so I am sometimes intimidated by it, being a former city girl and all. Last year hubby prepared the raised beds and said “have at it.” I was thrown into the art of gardening. This year we have made it a family affair with everyone in the family working in the garden.

It is work but I know how satisfying it is to watch how the Lord provides food and all he requires is a little work on our part. So, here are some pictures from the preparation of the garden, which started at the end of March, until the first tiny signs of production this first week in June.

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Hansberry Clan said...

Great looking garden! Nice to have a combination of rows and raised beds. How do you keep the weeds out of the rows? Do you have to weed by hand around every plant?

Nice hat too! I have been trying to find one that looks half decent on me. I love being outside and know I should be protecting myself better.

Neat you made it a family affair! Sharing the workload and the fun :)