Sunday, April 3, 2011

Book 3 of 52 Books-in-a-Year

Sarah’s Gift by Marta Perry

Again, more fluff but I tend to burn through fluff faster than the good stuff. However, a lot can be learned from fluff. I have posted on facebook before some very deep stuff and it originated from fluff. Sarah’s Gift is about an Amish midwife, which happens to be two of my favorite subjects, the Amish and midwifery. A great read that I highly recommend. I love babies and I love learning about the simple ways of the Amish (although I don’t agree with them on their religious views I think their lifestyle is spot on!)

I may not be posting as frequently as I am preparing for a Homeschool Moms Renewal Saturday set for April 30th. If you are local to the area I would love to see you there. The cost is minimal $20 each (might be less depending on the number of participants) and all you have to do is bring a breakfast dish, lunch dish, and a drink to share. We have two phenomenal speakers lined up to share their knowledge with us: one is speaking this year at the CHEF convention and another who has been published in Old Schoolhouse Magazine. These ladies will be sharing their knowledge with us and I cannot wait. If you are interested in learning more please contact me.

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