Thursday, August 6, 2009

My I-story

Okay, okay. Some of my team members have asked me, what is an I-story and why is it so important to write one down and share it? Well, gang, here it is. Your I-story is really just a little peek at how and why you started selling Mary Kay. It is important because ladies think they cannot do this because they are busy, or invested a lot in education, or etc., etc. when really ANYBODY can do this. So here it is my story . . . .

I want to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me and how I got started in Mary Kay. My name is Christy Weems Hill and this is my third year in Mary Kay. I started my Mary Kay business in May 2006 and I have loved every minute of it. I started my business because I wanted to stay home with my two children. I had left a job as a litigation paralegal in Birmingham making pretty good money and I needed to replace at least some of that income. I still had bills that I was responsible for that were not going to pay themselves. I even tried my hand at medical transcription, for which I had to obtain more training because my Bachelor’s Degree from Samford University was not enough to earn me the job, but I was sorely disappointed at the pay and there really wasn’t much flexibility because reports had to be done quickly and on the doctor’s schedule not mine. Then one day, while shopping at a children’s store, I entered a drawing for a free facial. Well, I had just had my son six months prior to that and a facial sounded pretty good to me. Now, please keep in mind I was 30 plus years old and had never even tried Mary Kay before this but I thought why not. I deserve a little pampering and thank goodness I did. While my son slept in the other room, the consultant gave me a facial and my skin felt great! I loved the products! But what really surprised me was what she went on to tell me after my facial. Because she was a good consultant and didn’t prejudge me (remember I was a stay-at-home mom who had recently had a baby – what was makeup???) she went on to tell me how I too could have my own Mary Kay business for just $100. Well, as I told you I had spent money on college, lots of money, and I had spent more money on a medical transcription certificate and none of them gave me the flexibility that I needed. $100, I could do $100! So I said sign me up! And I have never looked back. I am now able to stay-at-home and home school my two children with a peace that if we need a little extra money I can go out and make a little extra money.

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