Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Artfully Yours Giveaway

"Many people believe the artistic, creative mind is a mind close to God. It's a belief that stands to reason. How can a Being call into existence a creature like a duck-billed platypus without a grand sense of creativity and a dash of nonsense? We do call Him the Creator, right? Now, what about artistic flair? Does God have any? (I know, easy answer!) Go look out your window. Even if you live in the heart of Manhattan you can see the brushstrokes of the Almighty slashed brilliantly across the sky. He is not AN artist. He is THE Artist. That is where we miss the mark. We think being mature means only living in the "real world." I think the real world doesn't exist outside of art, creativity, silliness, and imagination."

"My shortcoming – and new goal – is being able to direct the minds of my little Picassos through the world of art. Of course, the Artist led me to the answer. He showed me See The Light Art Curriculum. Their goal is to draw children to God – literally! They use easy to understand, step-by-step methods coupled with scripture to connect the creative minds to the Creator Mind."

See the Light Giveaway
Ten (10) families can win a copy of the first DVD in their curriculum series. Head on over to Well Planned Day to enter now.